Dear Tenants,

There have been many questions about Covid-19 and how it impacts rent, maintenance, and other aspects of apartment living. The first thing we would like to say is that these are unprecedented times and we all need to work together for the greater good. Of primary importance is keeping you and your family safe and getting through this pandemic together as a community the best that we can. We have made the following changes to our policies and procedures effective immediately:

Rent Payment

Our physical office is now closed and we are unable to collect rent in person. You may pay rent online through Zelle or Bill and Pay, you can mail a check or money order to us at PO Box 1003, Wausau, WI 54402, or you may drop off a check or money order at our office in the Black Mailbox by the front door of the office (no cash). If you drop off a payment please text Tom at 715-432-5733 and just say "I just dropped off a payment in the Dropbox" so that we have a record of the date and time. If you would like to sign up for electronic payment, please contact Tom or Sierra and we will send you information to get that set up.

Many have asked if they need to pay their rent moving forward. The answer is yes. As of writing this on 3/25/20 there is no State or Federal mandated waiver of rent and conversely for property owners there is no State or Federal mandated waiver of mortgage payments. With the State of Wisconsin trying to reduce the spread of the virus through the Safer-at-Home Order, many people are unable to work, but the Federal Government has signed a Stimulus Package that will hopefully get at least $1,200 into the hands of every adult (making less than $75,000 individually) very soon and potentially more for those that have children. The State has also loosened restrictions on unemployment benefits to get those checks flowing to individuals quickly, and locally we have several charitable organizations that can help including but not limited to Catholic Charities, The Job Center, The Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul, Social Services, and others. Some of these organizations receive funding from the same source and may not be able to help if you have already received assistance from the same pool of funds but if you need help it would be worth making a phone call. Some local banks are also offering personal loans with no payments and no interest for 90 days. If you have lost your income and you are unable to get assistance from any of these avenues, we are willing to work with you and we ask that you reach out to us to discuss a payment arrangement. If you have not lost any income we ask that you please pay your rent as normal. By doing so you will help give us and the property owners that we work with the ability to work with those that have not been as lucky.


With the State of Wisconsin Safer-at-Home Order, the Wisconsin Realtors Association sent out guidance to landlords that Property Management is considered an essential business but said "Note: Landlords and rental property managers must avoid entering leased residential premises unless emergency maintenance is required." While conducting maintenance we will follow CDC and State guidance for social distancing. Because many people who have COVID-19 are asymptomatic and can spread the virus without knowing, we need to assume that everybody has it and act accordingly. Maintenance issues that are minor and can wait, we will hold off on until such time that the risk of spreading the virus has been lowered. We will still respond to maintenance emergencies and ask that tenants work with us to practice social distancing (at least 6 feet away at all times) in these instances. If you are sick or have flu-like symptoms, please notify us ahead of time. If any of our maintenance staff is sick or has flu-like systems we are asking that they stay home.

Leasing and Renewals

Because our physical office is closed we will need to conduct any lease renewals through the mail or electronically and we can send you information about how to do this if your lease is expiring. For prospective tenants that would like to view properties, because of the Safer-at-Home Order we are no longer showing occupied properties. We can show vacant properties and ask that prospective tenants use the following procedure: If you are sick or have any flu-like symptoms, please cancel any potential showing and wait until you feel better. We will meet you at the property and the leasing agent will go and unlock the door and will then give you a call. Please remain in your vehicle until the leasing agent gets back to their vehicle. You may then walk through the apartment or house and once you are finished and back in your car, the agent will then lock up the property. We recommend that you bring either paper towel or a cloth for touching door knobs and hand sanitizer in your vehicle to use after the showing.

Once again, these are unprecedented times and we hope that everyone remains safe and healthy and hopefully this will be over soon. Thank you!

Holster Management Team